Season 6 of “By the Backwater” this winter in TVP

The sixth season of “By the Backwater" is a continuation of the life story of Małgosia, her family and friends. The previous season had high average audience of nearly four million and a 22% of market share in the 4+ group.

The action of the series takes place in a little town and its beautiful surroundings in Northeast Poland. In the sixth season of the saga, everyone comes to terms after the death of Basia, the event that greatly disturbed the rhythm of life of her nearest. The guesthouse on the backwater is now well run and has its regular clientele and special guests. This season will be full of unexpected twists and turns. Małgosia will learn about a huge debt that her mother took just before leaving for India. The situation will lead to the auction of the guesthouse. Małgosia with her family and friends will have to fight for their beloved place on earth. Will the story have a happy ending? We will find out this winter!