80 Million

A film about the power of thousands, the courage of hundreds and friendship of a few, thanks to whom a change of fate of millions became possible.It is the beginning of a very cold winter of 1918 in Lower Silesia, Poland. A...

A Happy Man
A Happy Man DRAMA

The film tells the story of Maria Sosnowska and her 30-year-old son Jan, who live in a poor neighbourhood of a big city. They family have financial problems, because Jan does not have a steady job. When Maria gets a job offer,...

A Short Working Day
A Short Working Day DRAMA

Krzysztof Kieślowski was a documentary and feature film director, a graduate of the Łódź Film School and a winner of numerous Polish and international awards for his films including the Oscar nomination, Cesar, Felix and many...

A Woman’s Business
A Woman’s Business DRAMA

Krzysztof Zanussi is considered to be one of the greatest Polish film directors. His movies are always unique, original and above all filled with shrewd observation and reflection. The director focuses on morality, psychology...

Big Animal
Big Animal DRAMA

Mr. Zygmunt Sawicki is a respected citizen. One day he finds a camel in his yard and decides to keep the animal as a pet. The camel starts to arise many controversies.  The authorities want to impose a special tax on Sawicki,...

Birch Wood
Birch Wood DRAMA

An intimate and moving story about love, death and solitude. The action of the film is set around 1920 in the pre-war Poland. Bolesław, a forester, dwells in a cottage hidden deep in the forest. His wife’s death totally...

Blind Date

A full of twists and turns comedy about love and relationships. Karol, a full-time womanizer, is convicted of his irresistible appeal. He decides to take part in a popular TV show Blind Date. Majka, who just broke up with his...


The film shows an obscure episode from the life of a Stalinist criminal Colonel of the Office of Public Security, Julia Brystiger. Her nickname was “Bloody Luna” because during interrogations she tortured prisoners with extreme...


What could be a better way of depicting a biography of a cabaret and movie star than a musical drama? Glitter, scandals, roaring twenties’ music and amazing acting: the film contains all that and much more.  

Born of the Sea
Born of the Sea DRAMA

Krzysztof Grabień is a young orphaned son of a school teacher. He arrives at the seaside to look for a job in a newly built port of Gdynia. It is early 1923 and a lot of people from the whole Poland go there, hoping to achieve...

Colonel Kwiatkowski
Colonel Kwiatkowski WAR

Andrzej Kwiatkowski is a surgeon for the Polish army who is given a generous leave of absence by an appreciative patient in the secret police.

Deceptive Charm
Deceptive Charm DRAMA

Weekend Stories by Krzysztof Zanussi is an octet of works about individuals facing moral dilemmas. A binding feature of the eight stories is their duration of one weekend.The series includes the following titles: A Woman’s...

Devilish Education
Devilish Education DRAMA

A beautiful seventeen-year-old Małgorzata, a daughter of a poor widow, lives in a small village among the lakes. She is raised up in a catholic family and her main duty is to tend the cattle. One day when the girl takes a bath...


This strange but compelling grunge fairy tale is a parable in the spirit of Eastern philosophy, promoting sacrifice and human goodness. Gentle Edi and wasted alcoholic Jurek work as scrap-metal pickers in a grimy urban area.

Everything Will Be Fine
Everything Will Be Fine DRAMA

The movie is bitter-sweet morality play on human nature. It is a picture of real people with real problems who are trying to solve them the only way they can, not realizing that help might be just behind the corner... Pawel is...

Facing Up
Facing Up DRAMA

20-year-old Stan is a member of a local gang. The man spends his time mugging people and robbing shops. One night, encouraged by the gang members Stan rapes a young girl Joanna. Then while running away from police he breaks...


A biography of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska. Helena Kowalska was born in 1905 and as a child she was very religious and dreamed of entering a convent.

Grain of Truth
Grain of Truth THRILLER

In Sandomierz – one of the many south-eastern towns in Poland, a terrible crime took place. A naked body of a social activist is dumped in a public place. The way the girl died suggests a ritual murder.