This documentary shows the transformation of Poland and the transformation of its Polish citizens. The changes took place in short period of time – between end of 1988 and beginning of 1990. The original footage is accompanied...

21 x New York

“21 x New York” is a documentary essay about human condition in the 21st century western society told through personal stories of 21 people met in the New York City subway. Commuters, old and young, have different skin colors,...


Republic of Belarus gained independence 25 years ago. The sovereign state is now home to a generation aged 25 – the same age as Belarus. People call 25 the "quiet crisis age". The film submerges the viewer into the life scenes...

A Close up at Andrzej Wajda
A Close up at Andrzej Wajda DOCUMENTARY

The film was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Andrzej Wajda`s work as a film director. Archival material is juxtaposed with shots from his film locations and fragments of his films, as well as with memories of women...

A Dream of Warsaw
A Dream of Warsaw BIOGRAPHY, MUSIC

A biographical film about Czesław Niemen, a Polish music icon, made on the 10th anniversary of his death. Friends, family members, critics, music journalists, biography authors all talk about the talented musician, who did not...

A Lecture on Polish Cinema
A Lecture on Polish Cinema DOCUMENTARY

Andrzej Wajda explains how the Polish Film School was formed. The director reveals how the censorship in cinematography in the communist Poland looked like and what was done to avoid it.

A Life is Never Wasted
A Life is Never Wasted PEOPLE, RELIGION

The documentary tells the story of two Polish missionaries murdered in Peru in 1991. The two Conventual Franciscans, Michał Tomaszek and Zbigniew Strzałkowski, were in their early thirties when they were murdered.

A Miracle in Costa Rica
A Miracle in Costa Rica BIOGRAPHY

According to doctors, the medical condition of Floribeth Mora Diaz was hopeless. Her recovery from a brain aneurysm was recognized by Pope Francis as the miracle that allowed the canonization process of John Paul II to be...

Aleksander Wolszczan. The Star
Aleksander Wolszczan. The Star SCIENCE, BIOGRAPHY

The discovery of the first extra-solar planets and pulsar planets was a milestone of space research. This documentary shows Polish astronomer who is the co-discoverer of those planets.

Alisa in Warland
Alisa in Warland CURRENT AFFAIRS

Alisa is 26 when the revolution starts in Kiev. She’s a student of film school, but above all, she’s Ukrainian. This film describes her journey from Euromaidan to the war in the East.

Amerikanka. All included
Amerikanka. All included PEOPLE, CURRENT AFFAIRS

The film features a journalist and a writer Aliaksandr Fiaduta’s being in the internal prison of the Belarusian KGB, the so-called Amerikanka.

An American in the Communist Poland

Senator Robert Kennedy paid an official visit to the capital of Poland, Warsaw, just a few months after the death of his brother. He was welcomed by millions of people expressing their warm feelings, wanting to get in touch...

Anus Mundi
Anus Mundi WAR

Henryk Mandelbaum, the last living prisoner of KL Auschwitz made to work in Sonderkommando, stayed in the concentration camp from April 1944 during the extermination of Hungarian Jews.


Pope John Paul II was one of the most important personalities in the Roman Catholic Church. He significantly improved Catholic relations with Islam, Judaism and the Orthodox Church.

Argentinian Lesson
Argentinian Lesson LIFESTYLE, PEOPLE

Set in the remote Argentinian town of Azara, this personal documentary by Wojciech Staroń features his seven-year-old son Janek. While the Polish director’s wife teaches locals of Polish origin the language of their...

Autor Solaris

The documentary tells the story of Lem’s life journey as well as the story of his books translated into a number of languages, and how some of his works were turned into films or even computer games.

Bandmasters MUSIC

It is a music movie, which is a cross-sectional portrait of the traditional and folk music society. The project is based on short feature video clips with participation of such bands as: Chłopcy Kontra Basia, Kapela Ze Wsi...

Barefoot Around The World
Barefoot Around The World TRAVEL

This series has been extremely popular among Polish viewers. It shows the most amazing places on Earth from the perspective of their inhabitants. Some of the places have never been visited with camera before. Wojciech...