"Two Crowns" will premiere in South America this year!

We are delighted to announce that "Two Crowns" will premiere in South America this year! Premiere dates: Columbia: 27th September, Mexico and Uruguay – October, Guatemala – 17th October. In 2019, the film will also have its theatrical release in Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica and El Salvador. The license was acquired by Bosco Films. The same company successfully released the film in Spain. 

The first docudrama depicting the life of Father Maximilian Kolbe, a great teacher, inventor and a modest monk, who as a prisoner in Auschwitz volunteered to starve to death in order to save the life of a fellow prisoner. The man of many merits was also the founder of the largest Catholic monastery for man in Poland and a father of a similar monastery in Japan. Kolbe was also the editor and issuer of Knights of the Immaculata, a monthly Catholic magazine read every month by a million of readers.